The Book of John is one of the most widely read books of the Bible. It presents Jesus as the Son of God and moves the reader to make a personal commitment of faith. The life in Jesus leads a new life here on earth and eternal life.

The Four Spiritual Laws is a tract which describes the four laws of God, supported by Scripture: God loves us, has a wonderful individual plan for our lives, and we can find that life through belief in Jesus. It provides a prayer for forgiveness and salvation and shows you how you can continue to grow as a Christian once you have accepted Christ.

One summer during my high school years, I was in the hospital for an extended period. While I was there, my best friend's father came to visit me. He gave me a Book of John which had spiritual laws and the message of salvation.

I read this Book and then asked Jesus into my life. Beginning from then, very gradually my life began to change. With knowledge of God's love, I had increased confidence and motivation. I believe the gift of this tract changed the course of my life.

I invite you to receive this free gift!

-- Ed Douglas 

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